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In 1939 the Company became ROBOT BERNING & Co. and introduced the Robot II this is the most widespread robot, it was produced in several distinct versions:

Classic Black and Chrome 24 exposure motor

All Black 24 Exposure

Black and Chrome "tallwind" 48 Exposure

All Black "tallwind" 48 exposure

These all incorporated new features, including a built in viewfinder, flash synchronisation, shutter release lock, and different speed settings, along with a more traditional exposure counter

Over the years many additional Robot II's were produced for different uses, including the "famous" Luftwaffe, and lss well known German Army versions (See additional sections) Manufactured from 1939-1955 the Robot II still had a 24x24mm format, with a motor capacity of 24 frames, it still utilised special 35mm film Cassettes, designated N and T (N for take-up and T for feed), and had a new range of interchangeable 26mm thread screw mount lenses. It had no built-in rangefinder, but a rangefinder was available as an accessory. It was again to go through 5 versions with a total production run of approx 80,000 units. All units had a serial #'s with a B prefix in the range of 30001-126000

In 1939 you could buy the following Robot II's

Camera only, without lens and zone focusing mount .....$75.00

With Meyer Primotar F/3.5, 30 mm focus .....$129.00

With Zeiss Tessar F/3.5, 30 mm focus .....$154.00

With Zeiss Tessar F/2.8, 32.5 or 37.5 mm focus .....$169.00

With Zeiss Biotar F/2, 40 mm focus .....$219.00

For the Tallwind an additional charge ..... $34.00

I have a number of Robot II Cameras described and pictured on this and other pages, as they are so common I will picture some variants, and list all serial #'s in my collection!:

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